In-Depth Workshops

Incredibly affordable, and remarkably effective.

What are the Workshops?

We formulated the six course workshops as an additional aid to help you implement this much loved program.  Too often in life, knowing what we need to do - doesn't translate into actually doing it. 

Reading a great book and hearing wonderful tips, only go so far in changing our habits. We therefore created the workshops so that the step-by-step guidance will help you achieve your goal.

In the six course workshop we help you incorporate the Hakol Beseder methods into your home life.



What do you cover?

The six courses cover:

  • building and maintaining Evening Routines
  • Menu Planning
  • Easing the Heavy Load of Laundry
  • Rise 'n Shine and Morning Routines
  • Creating and benefiting from lists
  • Midday Routines
  • creating your own Homemakers’ Diary.
  • ... and so much more...

  • Each lesson is two hours long and full of tips and ideas that will make an immediate - as well as long-term - difference in your life. 
    How much does it cost?

Because we want every woman to be able to benefit from this program, we offer it at the low price of $425 for six sessions.


For your convenience, the workshops are available in the comfort of your home!

Our Audio Workshops take into consideration out-of-town members as well as busy stay-at-home moms, or working mothers who can't get away during the day.  We offer the same material we did in our In-Person Workshops, with the added convenience of recorded calls that can be listened to at your leisure. And we offer all this for low price of $425 for the complete course.  


           Get ready for a life changing experience


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 You'll never look at housework the same.

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