The Ultimate Homemaking Guide

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Amongst those areas in life where a manual would have come in handy – I’ve always felt that housework ranks pretty high.  Unlike most professions, which are ideally chosen to suit one’s talents – housekeeping is one area in which we are all expected to excel.  Some of us do indeed come by those qualifications naturally, yet too many of us find ourselves rushing through our hectic days - just trying to keep up and cope.


Being of the latter group, I had been of the opinion that we all were given our own set of talents – and being a balabuste just wasn’t one of mine.  But with housework inevitably on my To-Do list, I decided to research the art of housekeeping, and came upon the realization that like any skill - it could be learnt.

I consider myself blessed for having the opportunity to share these amazing tips with you.


HAKOL BESEDER is the long overdue guidebook for happy housekeeping. As far as manuals go, this one is certainly more fun.  It's a novel approach that removes the stress that too many assume is part of the job.

It is written in a light, smart and humorous format.  An easy-to-read book that you will find yourself referring to frequently.

It also makes a great gift for all the special women in your life.  From newly-weds to long-time bubbys, there is something in it for everyone. 


We'll show you how to eliminate stress from your day to day, by incorporating order and structure into your life.

 Hakol Beseder will help you have it Hakol Beseder. 


This is one book you'll always want to keep within reach.